The 5 Myths About Working From Home

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People always wonder about the type of job I do at home.


This job includes childcare, cooking, doing the laundry and basically keeping it together while staying sane most of the time.

I used to have a regular day job have been freelancing and taking on some projects that allows me to earn at home from time to time since 2010, then I just discovered myself doing it more often when I decided to be a full  time hands on mom to my twins last year.

I get mixed reactions whenever people learn that I have this kind of job. Their comments would vary from, curious: “I wonder how much she earns?” or “Is it even legal?” to amused: “Wow! That’s nice you get to work in your jammies and avoid traffic.” to “That’s getting the best of both worlds, staying at home and earning.” and the worst: “Are you dating foreigners online?” and to even a more morbid thought, “Do You show them something you shouldn’t in public?”

After some news that were circulated by the media in the past few weeks, more and more people are getting into it and trying to find some jobs that they can do at home as well. To be honest, I don’t really mind if people are researching or recognizing how stable freelancing and working at home can be. -BUT, this is not for everybody! You can always try. Why the hell not?! The world is huge and the internet is a vast market that you can use to your advantage.

The truth is, working at home is more complicated than what you heard about.



There are people who rules this freelancing market and they earn a lot. They get to put a price tag on their work. Not everybody can earn big at once, these people who earns a lot per project is being paid for their hard work, experience, skills, time and equipment just to name a few factors that has to be considered when you try to question why some are being paid well. If you want to make a lot of money you should first invest in your skills, in your niche and RESEARCH on your target market or field. Please do everybody a favor and don’t just go in there trying to make promises to the client and not deliver, because they somewhat associate your work ethics and their experience working with you with your race/ethnicity. You don’t represent just yourself to be honest you also represent your country of origin. This may sound racist but it’s true for some. So be careful with how you do your business.



Okay the two things mentioned above is definitely a must. Aside from a well maintained and working PC plus a stable wired connection, one should always HAVE TO HAVE A BACK UP computer and internet connection. Let’s also not forget a working and spare webcam, headset with microphone, required computer software, paid malware ( you have to invest in your online and computer’s security, you’ll never know how bad a virus can affect your unit. NO UNIT=NO FILES=NO JOB=NO MONEY). Sitting in your pajamas the whole day, maybe for like 12 hours straight can strain your back and have a negative effect on your posture, an investment ergonomic high back with neck support office chair is also needed.

Trust me on this one.

If you’re working from home you need a really comfortable chair.

That list of the things you need to have is just the basic ones, you need more depending on the type of job that you do.



We don’t have to invest in expensive shoes or a business suit, not even shell out on transportation and food.



Computer maintenance (which would usually require us to hire some IT technician or expert based on our needs) and back up equipment or software and malware, we even need to shoulder a few membership fees on some platforms or tools that we use. We have to pay for not one but two or more internet service providers because we can definitely not afford to have any internet related problems since it will greatly affect our productivity. We also need to register ourselves as independent contractors,s o that means we have to pay more tax, we also need to settle our own SSS/Philhealth and HMO fees.We don’t have 13th month pay or leave credits. There are a few times that the client would be generous and offer a raise or some kind of a performance incentive bonus, but that doesn’t happen everyday.

That is just again to name a few.



Yes, that’s right but we also have to work on unspecified number of hours and base it on different time zones with strict deadlines. The pay could either be per project or per hour it is totally up to your agreement with the client. Scheduling and organizing skills are crucial at this point because you don’t want to spread yourself and the quality of your work too thin.You need to live up to the client’s expectations because your main goal is to make sure that they would do business with you again. That’s how you survive in this industry you must always give it your best and be true to your words 100% of the time.




As a freelancer or someone who works from home, you must always have a contract with your clients. Everything should be clear and in black and white, everything should be recorded and accountability must be the top priority. Nobody wants to work for long hours only to be turned down or not get paid on time or ever! You should protect yourself, your craft and your intellectual property rights.

Most clients would require you to work in a tidy and well lit environment, so they can easily see your face on the time tracker (screenshots of your computer and your face are taken from time to time to ensure that you are doing your job, this is required for most but not applicable every time.)

The contract should clearly state how much time is required for you to do a task and for how long. How much are you going to get for a job or per hour. If possible ask for a bond.

Take everything into account. If it’s not recorded or accounted for, they can claim that it didn’t happen.


I don’t mean to discourage some who would want to venture  into this field. This article is meant to give you some tips and also think more into what are the things that you have to consider to gain some job and hopefully stability in this line of work.

I am truly happy with what I’m doing now, but if there are better opportunities out there I am surely still keeping an open mind and heart about it. The world is big and opportunities are endless, it’s just waiting for us to explore it. 



credits: photos from google.




What You Must Know About Affiliate Marketing


Which is Better Digital or Physical Products?

Affiliate Marketing is becoming a hot business trend for micropreneurs. It promises high marginal returns in exchange of promoting a product. This type of performance based marketing is encouraging more people to tap into their entrepreneurial skills.

Physical products are general merchandise items like apparel that you ship out to customers, while digital products are downloadable items/services online such as software applications and online tutorials.The big question is, which is profitable between digital and physical goods?

Read up to know more about the Affiliate Marketing Business

The internet presents marketing affiliates with opportunities to sell their products. There are millions of potential customers online.


Selling products:

The customer relies on your expertise. You are expected to deliver and have a straightforward answer to each of their concerns.

Physical products are a lot easier to sell as compared to digital ones. There is no need to explain what kind of service does your app provide. You don’t have to reassure clients that the lecturer at your tutorial site is qualified to conduct lessons. The client’s familiarity with physical products make it easier to sell because most of them have already been featured in traditional media.

Digital items are not heavily promoted. It’s your job to introduce the product to your client. It is truly time consuming to sell a mobile schedule tracker software application than a well advertised spray on nail  polish. You will roughly make 1 sale for a $20 schedule tracker after 30 minutes  as compared to 3 sales in 5 minutes for a $7 spray on nail polish. You would feel more productive selling more items in a short period of time plus the fact that you didn’t even need to persuade buyer.

Money Talks:

Marketing affiliates would most likely work on a commision rate of 1%-10% for each physical product sale. Affiliates promoting digital products would have a 50%-80% commision rate. Let’s compare the products mentioned above. If one is able to sell a $20 schedule tracker in 30 minutes that would amount to having 8 successful sales within 4 hours. If the commision rate for this digital item is 50% then the marketing affiliate would receive $80, not bad to start your day. In comparison, if one is able to sell 48 pieces of spray on nail polish in 4 hours and you would earn a 5% commision rate from each item which is $0.35 that would sum up to $16.80 profit.

Bottom-line: the number of sales does not directly equate to profit.

Exchanges and Refunds:

Physical products require you to be in constant communication with the merchant to avoid mistakes like selling an item that is currently out of stock. You would be the one to process the exchange and refund transactions with the buyer and merchant. Almost 100% of the time asking for a refund is not worth the trouble of repacking and shipping back the item to the merchant and ending up shouldering the shipping fee. That is loss of revenue on your side.

Digital products can never be returned or exchanged. They are also non-refundable, this is actually more convenient for affiliate marketers.

Overall, selling both products would generate income. You just need to choose which product are you interested in promoting and where would your expertise would likely fit.


Bouncing back to basics with Paleo Diet

What if I tell you that you can eat a like a caveman and lose weight in the process?

No,I’m not  trying to pull your leg into another fad diet that promises you to lose x number of lbs off the scale. According to statistics, 36.5% adults in the US alone are obese. As per World Health Organization in 2014, 13% of the world’s adult population has obesity.

Loren Cordain,PhD, author of the book The Paleo Diet believes that if we eat like the stone age people it would help us curb our chances of getting diabetes, cancer and heart diseases, high blood pressure and even acne brought about by our modern diet. It also promotes the idea of having an athletic and healthy body just by eating the right set of food.


You can eat anything from the environment, anything that our ancestors could have hunted or found like meat, fish, any type of seasonal fruit/berry and local vegetables.  However, you must avoid eating starchy,sugary,processed and refined food at all times.

Always opt for fresh, lean and gluten free food choices.

Paleo diet aims to get you back to eating foods based on how your body is genetically hardwired to consume letting you achieve your body’s full potential.


How much work and effort does this diet require?

Personally, I didn’t have a hard time sticking to the Paleo Diet. In fact this diet saved me a lot of money because I had to stock up on my grocery and adhere to the list of allowed food and prepare everything myself.

I was never tempted to eat out.

The only downside of this diet is that it is highly restrictive of food choices ( I had to give up on my snacks and pasta and never look back). Trying to follow a strict diet plan could trigger “withdrawal symptoms” in my case that is irritability due to sugar hunger caused by totally cutting back on my afternoon cupcake and tea.

How does Paleo diet keep you fit?






Can I do this by myself?

You can easily get your hands on Paleo diet books, recipes, menu and even a support group online or at your local community. I would still recommend that you have to consult your doctor first before committing into any kind of diet or fitness program.


Below is a list of links that could help you get started with Paleo Diet.

6 Products for no make up look with gradient lips


The search to achieve the perfect no make up make up seem endless for us mere mortals, I usually feel like top make up artists and their hands could really work magic to make you look flawless without looking like you’ve thrown all the make up testers all over your face.

I always wanted to attend make up workshops but since i mom so hard I couldn’t do so. instead I watched a lot of Youtube tutorials until I was able to learn what works for me. I have olive toned and sensitive skin so just finding a product that won’t send me straight to my derm is really challenging.

Sharing is caring.  I’d like to share my transformation from this:

I told you I mom so hard, this is me without a drop of make up or a blink of sleep… In case you’re wondering, YES! They’re twins, they’re “naturally conceived” and twins run in our family, both sides!


Looking like the Gods of sleep and freshness are in my favor..


Being a mom definitely taught me to be resourceful. I just used the stuff that I already have in my make up arsenal. Let me help you achieve this simulated (I wish) just woke up like this look:

First, A good base is the key to achieving a flawless face whatever look your after whether it be matte or dewy. I used my CC cushion foundation from the Faceshop. It gives you that natural dewy finish that allows you to cop that natural glow from within. What I love about this is that it’s affordable and it functions like a high end product, it corrects my skin tone making it easy to blend in my make up plus it conceals away blemishes like dark under eye circles, acne marks from decades ago and it even makes it look like you have smaller pores. THIS IS A MUST HAVE PRODUCT FOR ME. After I discovered this cushion I don’t think that I would want to use another type of foundation ever again. Having it in a cute packaging is just a bonus.

The formula feels like water and smells like flowers. It’s also light, blends well and offers medium to heavy coverage. this product lasts for 8 hours!!!


Next, I add some color on my face using my holy grail lip and cheek tint from the body shop. I love using this because it really gives me that natural just-finished-with-my-workout-flush. It’s water based and easy to blend, a little goes a long way just put 3 dots running from the apples of your cheeks to just below your temples. I’m using this limited edition  “doll’ tint because it has the right amount of shimmer. It’s like having a highlighter and blush all in one go.


I make sure to look awake so I get into the bandwagon of #kilaygoals and also give my lashes some love. I have sparse thick brows and I use a matte eye shadow powder (Mac Espresso) to fill in the hair and make it look as natural as possible. The key here ladies is to use a good brush that could easily help you define that arch and distribute the right amount of product to avoid looking like Helga G. Pataki.

Image result for helga pataki



Our eyes is the window to our soul and nobody wants to look into sleepy looking “windows”. Curling your lashes and swiping on two layers of mascara could make a great difference with how you look. Having great peepers instantly brightens one’s look and makes you seem more put together.

Finally, to complete the look I use two different matte lipsticks (Clinique in Beauty and Mac in Russian Red). I primed my lips first with a nude pink lipstick and dab a darker shade from my inner lips outwards to give the gradient effect. Anybody could pull off this look and it’s best for busy people like me. Layered lip color doesn’t fade off fast and you don’t have to go for quick touch ups. When the color wears off it still looks natural.

It’s hard to keep up with the ever changing make up trends nowadays not to mention that it’s also pricey. Having a staple look that only requires 5 make up products is a great way to still look good without breaking the bank and spending too much time on putting your face on. This look allows me to have more time for my other tasks and still manage to look good for my boys. It also gives me a confidence boost knowing that I could still do something that I like doing for myself before becoming a mom.


3 Ways to avoid those”losyang days”



“Mukhang nanay!”

That was me last Decemeber 2015, the twins were just a couple of months and my friends decided to take a snap shot of me whilst they’re having a cry fest at Starbucks.

Those words cut right through my skin.

I don’t know what the deal is about “mukhang nanay” look, how does our society view moms?

I feel like it’s horrible to associate being a mom to looking like you’ve been hit by a truck!

Being a parent is never easy. Pregnancy brings about a lot of pressure and stress to couples especially if it’s their first time. When the baby comes out(in our case, babies! Yep I popped out 2 in one birthing session) it’s going to be sleepless nights, never ending housework and basically trying to provide the best for our children. Given these instances, we tend to unknowingly let go of ourselves. We even choose to be “mombies”(staying up late just to have some me time).

I tried my best to look as close as possible to the way I did before becoming a mom of twins, I never allowed myself to be sulky or to feel too fat or too ugly. I want to defy the stigma of “losyang na, kapag nanay na”. 

I made sure to stay fresh-looking without spending a fortune or sacrificing the family budget. Here’s how I did it:

1. ) I stayed hydrated. Dehydrated skin posts a lot of problems in the long run like, acne brought about by oily skin, wrinkles(yikes) and dry scaly skin. Imagine looking pale with cracked dry lips and scaly skin, knowing that you did that to yourself by not having enough fluid intake? In short kasalanan mo why you’re panget and you feel bloated and sulky! Do something about it. We can never be too busy to grab a glass of water.

2.) I eat like an 80 year old granny, work out like a teenager. Cliche as it may sound, my family eats a lot of fruits, veggies, yogurt and protein rich food. Fits right in our budget plus the fact that we don’t have to worry about consuming too much preservatives that gives us bad skin and “extra baggage”. I never had breakouts or any skin problem, I don’t feel heavy after eating because of the preservatives, most of all I don’t feel guilty on cheat day. I work around my busy schedule to have a bit of workout from dancing with my toddlers to  running around with them or having some “yoga time”. Balance is the key. It requires a conscious effort. I failed at keeping on track many times but I chose to never give up.

3.) 3-step-beauty regimen.


Yes, just 3 steps!

I used to have those long morning rituals and night time skin care routine but it has to go FOR NOW! It just won’t work after 16 hours of being awake chasing after toddlers running in 2 different directions, kaya 3 lang, AGAIN, FOR NOW!

Step 1: Cleanse

I only use 2 products to clean my face, cetaphil or the basic dove white beauty bar. It doesn’t strip away moisture and I don’t get that “tight face” feeling after washing my face. I never had breakouts with these products and I don’t have to use moisturizers that often. It’s also affordable.

Step 2: Glow

I have this secret and I will let the world know! The best thing that you can do for yourself is to scrub your face/body regularly. Doing so improves the blood circulation which is equivalent to giving the skin enough oxygen supply therefore making it healthy. Sloughing of those dead skin cells reveals a new layer that’s so smooth and revitalized. You don’t have to spend too much on a product you can even use some stuff that you already have in the kitchen. I use clinique instant facial mask ($38) but I also use coffee grounds (free) mixed with equal parts of lotion and body wash (everyday items around the house) for my face and body. my point is taking care of your skin and body doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. There is always a cheaper alternative out there.

Before the facial scrub
The clinique miracle worker
I just use this much
You can see it had those sparkly beads…
look at how pearly the mask is against my skin
aster the scrub( no filter, natural day light from outside our window)
after the scrub (no filter, natural day light from outside the window)
Fresh looking version of me…

Step: Natural Flush

During the day, I make sure to make myself look okay to look at. I Don’t need to put on a full face of make up or spend a fortune buying the latest palette since I only use 3 products, my bb cream/cushion, lip and cheek tint and of course mascara for that wide awake look. I maintain that low maintenance look which works well for my routine because I’m always ready to face the people I work with plus I don’t need to spend more than 5 minutes to look put together.

Everyday look, tint and bb cream, no kilay goals or mascara in this pic.

At the end of the day it all boils down to the decisions we make. I’m not shaming those people who would always say they have no time for themselves but in reality YOU HAVE TO MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF. Being too busy with our family and other responsibilities could really take a toll on our looks and on our health. Since we love them so much wouldn’t it be worth it giving them the idea that you are able to keep it together and that they are not the cause of your haggardness? We owe it to our family to be fit, healthy and looking great just because they deserve the best version of you.

Top 5 Things to Consider When Hiring Events Specialists

When having an upcoming momentous event, a lot of people if not everybody I know wants to make sure that everything will be hassle free and stress free on the day itself, for this reason they would call on the event specialists to do the job for them. Event experts composed of a team of event designers,event coordinators, videographers and photographers together with their staff are working really hard to maintain precision and to accomplish everything by clockwork. They would always go the extra mile to make sure that the event will be a success as client’s satisfaction is of utmost priority. How do we make this possible? Read on to find out.



Please do not expect too much if you just called in to ask us to design an event 3 days from the day you booked our services. Everything in haste goes to waste! We will definitely give it our best, however time constraints could bring about a lot of pressure to both parties, you might just end up with a generic theme since we do not have much time to tailor fit it according to your preferences. Why is that? Simply because it takes time to make personalized decors, souvenirs, invitations etc. Most of our supplies are made to order from different suppliers and THAT takes a lot of time and coordination.



A lot of clients would tell us, “Do whatever you want as long as it has ( insert theme here) on everything). Well my dear that is sooo vague, you are paying us to get exactly what you want with your event, Yes? We are creatives, of course that’s why we are here in this line of work but you must help us achieve your dream event. Be specific on how you want things done, what specific flower bouquet do you have in mind? Which shade of pink,blue, purple, green etc best suits your personality? What kind of vibe would you like to radiate throughout the event and to your honored guests, boho chic? vintage boho? rustic? Sweetheart, you gotta tell us EXACTLY how you dream it would be so the EVENTS TEAM WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN!



“Why do we need this, you are promising us a fool proof event?” Well dear client as much as we would like to and will go the extra length to provide you with the best experience there are just some things that we cannot control such as, weather, suppliers (you hired independently to outsource some materials, food etc.) for the occasion, the flowers are definitely off season and getting them to be flown from Holland at this minute is out of the question. Creating a back up plan with a full list of other options that we can resort to would help us in assisting you to get the best value for our time and with what you paid for.



Most people are not comfortable with discussing money matters with strangers-or with anyone outside their exclusive circle of trusted individuals. We have to discuss this matter solely for the purpose of setting our expectations for the event and to look for more options to provide you with results that would meet your expectations as well as not going over your budget. Be honest of the number of people you are expecting to celebrate with you, the size of the venue and how much are you willing to shell out. Do we have to strictly adhere to that budget or we can have a little bit of spending allowance? Your party, your call. We are just here to pitch in ideas that will best fit your financial plan.

5.) Communication


Please be advised that we have to reach you from time to time to consult/inform you about the details of the said occasion. Let us know of the most convenient time to call/email/message you directly. If possible kindly provide us with an alternate number or another person to call just in case we couldn’t get a hold of you.

I hope this short article was able to enlighten you before you decide to hire events specialists. Follow us to read and learn more about events designing and how we make it happen. Happy  weekend!

My Obsession with Bessy

It was during those times when I was still in the university and trying my hardest at adulting that I chanced upon “Bessy”. It was out of curiosity at first, then her huge smile won me over. I decided to take her home and introduce her to my friends and family. Most of them were again, curious and were wondering if she can really do the “job”. So we gave her a chance and she did AMAZING! Since then I have become obsessed, knowing for a fact that everytime I “take her home” some abused women somewhere are able to get education and assistance and as the years went by it wasn’t just those women who are benefiting from all of Bessy’s work but also out of school youth and the local community that she supports.

I want to share Bessy with as many people that I could reach. Messy Bessy offers a line of organic, locally made, affordable, non toxic personal  care and home products.

My family loves to go out a lot, there are even times that we needed to stay over at some place to rest. We make sure to always have these products handy. I use the hand and body wash for my twins, they never had any skin irritation because the product is mild enough for their skin, I always pack light as much as possible so we I make sure to have items that Hubby and I can use and are safe for our babies. The body wash smells awesome and gives you that wake up kick during those cold morning showers. Yes, I am a germophobe mom and Bessy here is kind enough to help me deal with it using her toy and surface cleaner and pocket sanitizer, that comes in cute travel sized bottles.img_20161022_130704

Like any other relationships, we had our challenges… A time came that I couldn’t get a hold of their products because we just moved to a different location. I can’t imagine having my house cleaned without my non-toxic and organic go-to-products. I had to find MESSY BESSY! There was this shop that carried their brand for a while and I was happy until one day while I was on my grocery duty and dropped by to get some they told me that they stopped selling Messy Bessy. It was such a sad day. I messaged them but the other stores were too far and the manila traffic isn’t helping at all. So I had to use generic products from the market…


Then one day after my breakfast meeting with another southern tita (who refuses the fact that she is becoming one of the “titas” of the south.), Odessa we have decided to go straight to a local mall and shop for a bit before going through the weekend “southern tita” duties. My jaw dropped and I couldn’t believe my eyes a few steps away from the mall entrance is the love of my life! GOOD OL’ BESSY!!! I started ranting at her to buy these products and how good it is, how it helps the local industry and other people and the saleslady was just smiling the whole time. I guess she was thinking why am I getting so hyped up seeing the shop. It was a wish granted! I didn’t waste any time and I started getting some items and taking pictures.img_20161027_085945

They are already spreading the Christmas cheer! They have really affordable gift sets, that comes in cute boxes. You don’t have to wrap it anymore you can just sign your name on the gift tag printed on the box itself. They have sets for babies, ladies and men. Most of the products comes in travel size, good for those who are always on the go or for those who just want to try Messy Bessy items.


As you can see their product comes in a variety of sizes that would fit your needs. I like the fact that they are really affordable and you will really get your money’s worth since all of them are safe and effective as well as non toxic. You get to save more money if you buy the 2000ml gallons and it goes a loong way. It could last up to 5-6 months even more depending on how often you use the porduct of course.

The southern titas on a weekend morning. 🙂

They got you covered! They have all the home products you could think of and need. It also comes in different sizes as I mentioned a while ago, it gives you more value for your money and options so you can stay on a budget.


Prevention is always better than cure, so I suggest you load up on these wonderful smelling sanitizers at home, especially if you have kids that are really active and still on the stage of picking up objects and trying to put it in their mouths. This is also great for quick clean ups, I pump a little on the wet tissue just to make sure their tiny hands are extra clean.


For the on the go OC and germophobe like me, you can never ask for anything else here. They have potty spray(save your sanity for 70 PhP when using the public toilets). they have the desk cleaner for your work area, cause there are times that we like to munch on something while working in front of the computer. it also work great for artists to use when cleaning up the desk before/after getting into projects.




Nobody likes stinky anything, so the sports spritzer works wonder after a day at the gym or after a morning run,  you can spray this on yourself or on your sweaty clothes before stashing them in the gym bag, while the odor absorber spray works wonders in the kitchen to rid of odors that cooking left behind. The odor absorber pouches can be used in storage areas or near your pet’s area to keep some nasty odor at bay.


You should seriously get these, it saves a lot of money buying in bulk. img_20161027_090029


Clothes that smell really good cause those “natural floral scent” that comes with the detergent you use but you can still smell it even when you’re just across the aisle isn’t worth it. Both comes in liquid and powder, so you have the option to use whichever item suits you.img_20161027_090046

who doesn’t want a mint smelling countertop?


Dish cleaner that smells like green tea and body wash… I couldn’t ask for more.


Roach spray, glass cleaner, mold and mildew spray and wood cleaner, let’s not forget the room and linen spray should be in every home owner’s list. I know we have brands available in the market and they are more popular and proven effective, but why do we need to buy from them if you can get it at a much lower price that works the same plus it is eco friendly aside from the fact that it helps develop and provide livelihood in communites?

If you are interested in learning more about their products you can always check their website:  They have everything you need to know about them, their advocay and social work as well as their truly inspiring stories of how the founder, Krie (I don’t know her personally but I think she’s awesome) founded Messy Bessy and the foundation’s achievements and contributions through the years.

I wrote this article to raise awareness that buying locally made products not only benefits the buyer but also the community. It creates a ripple of good deeds and kindness shared among the consumers and the society involved in manufacturing the products. Every single item you buy from them helps a person become the better version of themselves, you are giving them the opportunity to have a stable job as well as the people in the community that benefits from the foundation.