6 Products for no make up look with gradient lips


The search to achieve the perfect no make up make up seem endless for us mere mortals, I usually feel like top make up artists and their hands could really work magic to make you look flawless without looking like you’ve thrown all the make up testers all over your face.

I always wanted to attend make up workshops but since i mom so hard I couldn’t do so. instead I watched a lot of Youtube tutorials until I was able to learn what works for me. I have olive toned and sensitive skin so just finding a product that won’t send me straight to my derm is really challenging.

Sharing is caring.  I’d like to share my transformation from this:

I told you I mom so hard, this is me without a drop of make up or a blink of sleep… In case you’re wondering, YES! They’re twins, they’re “naturally conceived” and twins run in our family, both sides!


Looking like the Gods of sleep and freshness are in my favor..


Being a mom definitely taught me to be resourceful. I just used the stuff that I already have in my make up arsenal. Let me help you achieve this simulated (I wish) just woke up like this look:

First, A good base is the key to achieving a flawless face whatever look your after whether it be matte or dewy. I used my CC cushion foundation from the Faceshop. It gives you that natural dewy finish that allows you to cop that natural glow from within. What I love about this is that it’s affordable and it functions like a high end product, it corrects my skin tone making it easy to blend in my make up plus it conceals away blemishes like dark under eye circles, acne marks from decades ago and it even makes it look like you have smaller pores. THIS IS A MUST HAVE PRODUCT FOR ME. After I discovered this cushion I don’t think that I would want to use another type of foundation ever again. Having it in a cute packaging is just a bonus.

The formula feels like water and smells like flowers. It’s also light, blends well and offers medium to heavy coverage. this product lasts for 8 hours!!!


Next, I add some color on my face using my holy grail lip and cheek tint from the body shop. I love using this because it really gives me that natural just-finished-with-my-workout-flush. It’s water based and easy to blend, a little goes a long way just put 3 dots running from the apples of your cheeks to just below your temples. I’m using this limited edition  “doll’ tint because it has the right amount of shimmer. It’s like having a highlighter and blush all in one go.


I make sure to look awake so I get into the bandwagon of #kilaygoals and also give my lashes some love. I have sparse thick brows and I use a matte eye shadow powder (Mac Espresso) to fill in the hair and make it look as natural as possible. The key here ladies is to use a good brush that could easily help you define that arch and distribute the right amount of product to avoid looking like Helga G. Pataki.

Image result for helga pataki



Our eyes is the window to our soul and nobody wants to look into sleepy looking “windows”. Curling your lashes and swiping on two layers of mascara could make a great difference with how you look. Having great peepers instantly brightens one’s look and makes you seem more put together.

Finally, to complete the look I use two different matte lipsticks (Clinique in Beauty and Mac in Russian Red). I primed my lips first with a nude pink lipstick and dab a darker shade from my inner lips outwards to give the gradient effect. Anybody could pull off this look and it’s best for busy people like me. Layered lip color doesn’t fade off fast and you don’t have to go for quick touch ups. When the color wears off it still looks natural.

It’s hard to keep up with the ever changing make up trends nowadays not to mention that it’s also pricey. Having a staple look that only requires 5 make up products is a great way to still look good without breaking the bank and spending too much time on putting your face on. This look allows me to have more time for my other tasks and still manage to look good for my boys. It also gives me a confidence boost knowing that I could still do something that I like doing for myself before becoming a mom.



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