3 Ways to avoid those”losyang days”



“Mukhang nanay!”

That was me last Decemeber 2015, the twins were just a couple of months and my friends decided to take a snap shot of me whilst they’re having a cry fest at Starbucks.

Those words cut right through my skin.

I don’t know what the deal is about “mukhang nanay” look, how does our society view moms?

I feel like it’s horrible to associate being a mom to looking like you’ve been hit by a truck!

Being a parent is never easy. Pregnancy brings about a lot of pressure and stress to couples especially if it’s their first time. When the baby comes out(in our case, babies! Yep I popped out 2 in one birthing session) it’s going to be sleepless nights, never ending housework and basically trying to provide the best for our children. Given these instances, we tend to unknowingly let go of ourselves. We even choose to be “mombies”(staying up late just to have some me time).

I tried my best to look as close as possible to the way I did before becoming a mom of twins, I never allowed myself to be sulky or to feel too fat or too ugly. I want to defy the stigma of “losyang na, kapag nanay na”. 

I made sure to stay fresh-looking without spending a fortune or sacrificing the family budget. Here’s how I did it:

1. ) I stayed hydrated. Dehydrated skin posts a lot of problems in the long run like, acne brought about by oily skin, wrinkles(yikes) and dry scaly skin. Imagine looking pale with cracked dry lips and scaly skin, knowing that you did that to yourself by not having enough fluid intake? In short kasalanan mo why you’re panget and you feel bloated and sulky! Do something about it. We can never be too busy to grab a glass of water.

2.) I eat like an 80 year old granny, work out like a teenager. Cliche as it may sound, my family eats a lot of fruits, veggies, yogurt and protein rich food. Fits right in our budget plus the fact that we don’t have to worry about consuming too much preservatives that gives us bad skin and “extra baggage”. I never had breakouts or any skin problem, I don’t feel heavy after eating because of the preservatives, most of all I don’t feel guilty on cheat day. I work around my busy schedule to have a bit of workout from dancing with my toddlers to  running around with them or having some “yoga time”. Balance is the key. It requires a conscious effort. I failed at keeping on track many times but I chose to never give up.

3.) 3-step-beauty regimen.


Yes, just 3 steps!

I used to have those long morning rituals and night time skin care routine but it has to go FOR NOW! It just won’t work after 16 hours of being awake chasing after toddlers running in 2 different directions, kaya 3 lang, AGAIN, FOR NOW!

Step 1: Cleanse

I only use 2 products to clean my face, cetaphil or the basic dove white beauty bar. It doesn’t strip away moisture and I don’t get that “tight face” feeling after washing my face. I never had breakouts with these products and I don’t have to use moisturizers that often. It’s also affordable.

Step 2: Glow

I have this secret and I will let the world know! The best thing that you can do for yourself is to scrub your face/body regularly. Doing so improves the blood circulation which is equivalent to giving the skin enough oxygen supply therefore making it healthy. Sloughing of those dead skin cells reveals a new layer that’s so smooth and revitalized. You don’t have to spend too much on a product you can even use some stuff that you already have in the kitchen. I use clinique instant facial mask ($38) but I also use coffee grounds (free) mixed with equal parts of lotion and body wash (everyday items around the house) for my face and body. my point is taking care of your skin and body doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. There is always a cheaper alternative out there.

Before the facial scrub
The clinique miracle worker
I just use this much
You can see it had those sparkly beads…
look at how pearly the mask is against my skin
aster the scrub( no filter, natural day light from outside our window)
after the scrub (no filter, natural day light from outside the window)
Fresh looking version of me…

Step: Natural Flush

During the day, I make sure to make myself look okay to look at. I Don’t need to put on a full face of make up or spend a fortune buying the latest palette since I only use 3 products, my bb cream/cushion, lip and cheek tint and of course mascara for that wide awake look. I maintain that low maintenance look which works well for my routine because I’m always ready to face the people I work with plus I don’t need to spend more than 5 minutes to look put together.

Everyday look, tint and bb cream, no kilay goals or mascara in this pic.

At the end of the day it all boils down to the decisions we make. I’m not shaming those people who would always say they have no time for themselves but in reality YOU HAVE TO MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF. Being too busy with our family and other responsibilities could really take a toll on our looks and on our health. Since we love them so much wouldn’t it be worth it giving them the idea that you are able to keep it together and that they are not the cause of your haggardness? We owe it to our family to be fit, healthy and looking great just because they deserve the best version of you.


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