Top 5 Things to Consider When Hiring Events Specialists

When having an upcoming momentous event, a lot of people if not everybody I know wants to make sure that everything will be hassle free and stress free on the day itself, for this reason they would call on the event specialists to do the job for them. Event experts composed of a team of event designers,event coordinators, videographers and photographers together with their staff are working really hard to maintain precision and to accomplish everything by clockwork. They would always go the extra mile to make sure that the event will be a success as client’s satisfaction is of utmost priority. How do we make this possible? Read on to find out.



Please do not expect too much if you just called in to ask us to design an event 3 days from the day you booked our services. Everything in haste goes to waste! We will definitely give it our best, however time constraints could bring about a lot of pressure to both parties, you might just end up with a generic theme since we do not have much time to tailor fit it according to your preferences. Why is that? Simply because it takes time to make personalized decors, souvenirs, invitations etc. Most of our supplies are made to order from different suppliers and THAT takes a lot of time and coordination.



A lot of clients would tell us, “Do whatever you want as long as it has ( insert theme here) on everything). Well my dear that is sooo vague, you are paying us to get exactly what you want with your event, Yes? We are creatives, of course that’s why we are here in this line of work but you must help us achieve your dream event. Be specific on how you want things done, what specific flower bouquet do you have in mind? Which shade of pink,blue, purple, green etc best suits your personality? What kind of vibe would you like to radiate throughout the event and to your honored guests, boho chic? vintage boho? rustic? Sweetheart, you gotta tell us EXACTLY how you dream it would be so the EVENTS TEAM WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN!



“Why do we need this, you are promising us a fool proof event?” Well dear client as much as we would like to and will go the extra length to provide you with the best experience there are just some things that we cannot control such as, weather, suppliers (you hired independently to outsource some materials, food etc.) for the occasion, the flowers are definitely off season and getting them to be flown from Holland at this minute is out of the question. Creating a back up plan with a full list of other options that we can resort to would help us in assisting you to get the best value for our time and with what you paid for.



Most people are not comfortable with discussing money matters with strangers-or with anyone outside their exclusive circle of trusted individuals. We have to discuss this matter solely for the purpose of setting our expectations for the event and to look for more options to provide you with results that would meet your expectations as well as not going over your budget. Be honest of the number of people you are expecting to celebrate with you, the size of the venue and how much are you willing to shell out. Do we have to strictly adhere to that budget or we can have a little bit of spending allowance? Your party, your call. We are just here to pitch in ideas that will best fit your financial plan.

5.) Communication


Please be advised that we have to reach you from time to time to consult/inform you about the details of the said occasion. Let us know of the most convenient time to call/email/message you directly. If possible kindly provide us with an alternate number or another person to call just in case we couldn’t get a hold of you.

I hope this short article was able to enlighten you before you decide to hire events specialists. Follow us to read and learn more about events designing and how we make it happen. Happy  weekend!


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