My Obsession with Bessy

It was during those times when I was still in the university and trying my hardest at adulting that I chanced upon “Bessy”. It was out of curiosity at first, then her huge smile won me over. I decided to take her home and introduce her to my friends and family. Most of them were again, curious and were wondering if she can really do the “job”. So we gave her a chance and she did AMAZING! Since then I have become obsessed, knowing for a fact that everytime I “take her home” some abused women somewhere are able to get education and assistance and as the years went by it wasn’t just those women who are benefiting from all of Bessy’s work but also out of school youth and the local community that she supports.

I want to share Bessy with as many people that I could reach. Messy Bessy offers a line of organic, locally made, affordable, non toxic personal  care and home products.

My family loves to go out a lot, there are even times that we needed to stay over at some place to rest. We make sure to always have these products handy. I use the hand and body wash for my twins, they never had any skin irritation because the product is mild enough for their skin, I always pack light as much as possible so we I make sure to have items that Hubby and I can use and are safe for our babies. The body wash smells awesome and gives you that wake up kick during those cold morning showers. Yes, I am a germophobe mom and Bessy here is kind enough to help me deal with it using her toy and surface cleaner and pocket sanitizer, that comes in cute travel sized bottles.img_20161022_130704

Like any other relationships, we had our challenges… A time came that I couldn’t get a hold of their products because we just moved to a different location. I can’t imagine having my house cleaned without my non-toxic and organic go-to-products. I had to find MESSY BESSY! There was this shop that carried their brand for a while and I was happy until one day while I was on my grocery duty and dropped by to get some they told me that they stopped selling Messy Bessy. It was such a sad day. I messaged them but the other stores were too far and the manila traffic isn’t helping at all. So I had to use generic products from the market…


Then one day after my breakfast meeting with another southern tita (who refuses the fact that she is becoming one of the “titas” of the south.), Odessa we have decided to go straight to a local mall and shop for a bit before going through the weekend “southern tita” duties. My jaw dropped and I couldn’t believe my eyes a few steps away from the mall entrance is the love of my life! GOOD OL’ BESSY!!! I started ranting at her to buy these products and how good it is, how it helps the local industry and other people and the saleslady was just smiling the whole time. I guess she was thinking why am I getting so hyped up seeing the shop. It was a wish granted! I didn’t waste any time and I started getting some items and taking pictures.img_20161027_085945

They are already spreading the Christmas cheer! They have really affordable gift sets, that comes in cute boxes. You don’t have to wrap it anymore you can just sign your name on the gift tag printed on the box itself. They have sets for babies, ladies and men. Most of the products comes in travel size, good for those who are always on the go or for those who just want to try Messy Bessy items.


As you can see their product comes in a variety of sizes that would fit your needs. I like the fact that they are really affordable and you will really get your money’s worth since all of them are safe and effective as well as non toxic. You get to save more money if you buy the 2000ml gallons and it goes a loong way. It could last up to 5-6 months even more depending on how often you use the porduct of course.

The southern titas on a weekend morning. 🙂

They got you covered! They have all the home products you could think of and need. It also comes in different sizes as I mentioned a while ago, it gives you more value for your money and options so you can stay on a budget.


Prevention is always better than cure, so I suggest you load up on these wonderful smelling sanitizers at home, especially if you have kids that are really active and still on the stage of picking up objects and trying to put it in their mouths. This is also great for quick clean ups, I pump a little on the wet tissue just to make sure their tiny hands are extra clean.


For the on the go OC and germophobe like me, you can never ask for anything else here. They have potty spray(save your sanity for 70 PhP when using the public toilets). they have the desk cleaner for your work area, cause there are times that we like to munch on something while working in front of the computer. it also work great for artists to use when cleaning up the desk before/after getting into projects.




Nobody likes stinky anything, so the sports spritzer works wonder after a day at the gym or after a morning run,  you can spray this on yourself or on your sweaty clothes before stashing them in the gym bag, while the odor absorber spray works wonders in the kitchen to rid of odors that cooking left behind. The odor absorber pouches can be used in storage areas or near your pet’s area to keep some nasty odor at bay.


You should seriously get these, it saves a lot of money buying in bulk. img_20161027_090029


Clothes that smell really good cause those “natural floral scent” that comes with the detergent you use but you can still smell it even when you’re just across the aisle isn’t worth it. Both comes in liquid and powder, so you have the option to use whichever item suits you.img_20161027_090046

who doesn’t want a mint smelling countertop?


Dish cleaner that smells like green tea and body wash… I couldn’t ask for more.


Roach spray, glass cleaner, mold and mildew spray and wood cleaner, let’s not forget the room and linen spray should be in every home owner’s list. I know we have brands available in the market and they are more popular and proven effective, but why do we need to buy from them if you can get it at a much lower price that works the same plus it is eco friendly aside from the fact that it helps develop and provide livelihood in communites?

If you are interested in learning more about their products you can always check their website:  They have everything you need to know about them, their advocay and social work as well as their truly inspiring stories of how the founder, Krie (I don’t know her personally but I think she’s awesome) founded Messy Bessy and the foundation’s achievements and contributions through the years.

I wrote this article to raise awareness that buying locally made products not only benefits the buyer but also the community. It creates a ripple of good deeds and kindness shared among the consumers and the society involved in manufacturing the products. Every single item you buy from them helps a person become the better version of themselves, you are giving them the opportunity to have a stable job as well as the people in the community that benefits from the foundation.





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