5 Things that Made 90’s Generation COOL!

There are gazillion blogs written as to why __________ generation is cool! Everybody believes their generation is cool. I am a 90’s kid! Yeah, I Spent the late 90’s up to the early 200o’s in highschool and it was the best time ever! Our batch is really awesome. We didn’t have social media but we had a lot of HUMAN interaction, which means we got to hang out with friends and talk (not spend 90% of the time staring at our phones, retweeting, taking selfies or lurking and stalking on someone), talk about the coolest stuff that was relevant back then like who got the latest CD of Red Hot Chili Peppers, where to go next (check out the newly opened arcade, go to the skate park(find an empty road and make a skate park out of it.), go get ice cream and who can sneak out their dad’s car and drive by Mcdonald’s in the wee hour just to get some fries with Sundae or who’s friend of a friend is going to play at rookie bar. Without further ado and and “tita” rants, HERE it goes:


We get to spend time with friends without sitting right next to each other while our hands are glued to the effing phone tagging and hashtagging #friendshipgoals, I mean having these platforms is really convenient and keeps us updated with EVERYTHING! We have meaningful conversations without thinking that someone might post a status how dramatic were getting or publishing photos that we didn’t want to share to the whole world.

2.) Technologically Gifted

You are lucky to have the gadgets that you have now, thanks to the bored geniuses that innovated these(photo below). We had a different gadget for everything, we had a DISCMAN/WAlKMAN that needs cassettes or CDs(you actually need to buy the whole album and listen to the whole thing one at a time, no shuffles or downloaded track) to listen to music and those cute headsets to match and make you look like a character from one of those jap anime. We had laptops(if our parents can afford, since they cost an arm, a letg and a set of eyeballs) for our projects and you can’t even watch videos on them so you need to have a DVD MP3 Player. We have palm pilots for schedules and games with poor graphics. You are lucky if you had a cellphone or a beeper. GOSH you must be thinking WHAT THE HECK IS A BEEPER? It’s a communication device that beeps off when someone leaves you a message, they had to call a hotline, give your beeper number and leave a  message to the operator who types your message (no you can’t say fuck, coz they do not allow you to send messages with “profanity”. All these gadgets are rolled into one to make your tablets and phones.

Nokia 3210, one of the first cellphones that you can really take anywhere.  Has a mean game “snake”.
This is a Beeper, this is not some kind of a calculator!
Meet the sony walkman family

3.) Body shaming wasn’t an issue

Our figure does not define us then and it should be the same until now. The culture and definition of being fit really changed over the years. It doesn’t matter if you were quite chubby or skinny as long as you can rock your outfit, people were more concerned about your shirt logo(nirvana, pearl jam, mentos) are you wearing or if your pants had enough flare. Models back then were discovered, booked and signed by agencies not the other way around like how models would want to gain insta followers and devote themselves to attending go sees and getting connected with “right photographers”(anybody who has a dslr camera and trying to build their portfolio). The media did not dictate or shape our minds as to how we should look like and what to wear the only media influence back then was MTV and VH1. We enjoyed on binge watching MTV Daria, Beevis and Butthead and Celebrity Death Match.

4.) Plagiarism

we never had the university of google to help us with our researches back then we really needed to set a date with Britanica and Thesaurus. we needed to hit the library and read at least 4 books to get create an accurate response to our school work. We don’t have sites that helped us to make bibliographic information, book summaries and written presentations. EVERYTHING WAS MADE FROM SCRATCH! Plagiarism was never a problem since nobody’s work can be copy pasted or reproduced without one’s knowledge. Theft against one’s intellectual property rights via online never existed. We had more brain exercise!


Street parties were the thing then, bars are crowded with youth and every genre of music is featured at bars or party places that lined up some famous Manila streets. Everybody who’s talented gets their chance at fame. People would immerse themselves in the music, art and culture as part of their own growth, not distracted with how they would look like on group pictures or how drunk photos would be passed around social circles and how your boss might catch you partying while you’re on a leave. It was a high time of just living in the moment, having fun no drugs were taken or party pills, just the energy of the place and the crowd is enough to send you in a trans as the music gets louder and the beats gets faster you feel yourself more and more alive. None of my friends or anybody we knew had to OD die just because they were trying to have fun.



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