How I found the courage to become a SAHM

Hello mommies! Recently I kept on seeing some posts about transitioning from a working diva to a domesticated goddess.😀 I just want to share my experience, before we had our twins I was working with 3 jobs(head teacher/behavioral therapist/freelancer). Needless to say I had the financial freedom to do whatever I wanted and whenever I wanted ,which includes the occasional fine dining and shopping sprees without a care of potentially getting broke the next few days. I was very independent as well. When they came about I had to rest and therefore go on a hiatus. I was very bored and everything was new to me we went through a lot of adjusments, like leaving our comfortable apartment in in an exclusive village and moving to his place plus the fact that we have limited financial means , and it was also challenging to budget what my husband makes since I was used to having my own money, I didn’t want to ask him if I wanted to have something/go somewhere though he is very supportive with everything I do and want. After giving birth I was excited to go back to work and help out with the family expenses, it worked well for quite sometime. Then there will be times that our kids and my husband will need me but I will be too busy at work. I need to be home but I will be stuck in a traffic jam, I felt like it’s robbing me of time that should be spent with our twins. There will be some instances wherein I had to choose over my sick kids and a client who is very strict with their schedules. Though I don’t want to be tagged as unprofessional/with poor work ethics but I WILL ALWAYS CHOOSE MY KIDS FIRST. I had to make a decision and I chose to sacrifice my job that I really love and been doing for the past 8 years and the financial freedom that comes with it. Mommies, EVERYTHING WAS WORTH IT!

How I look like in the office.
How I look like at home.


I just want to encourage everyone that we can always find a better job someday when the kids are grown and you are not alone in this struggle. As the saying goes “jump when you feel that it’s the scariest.” 😃 the rewards of seeing our twins learn new stuff everyday is more rewarding than any paycheck.😃


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