The Sisterhood of Moms

“Motherhood is the biggest gamble in the world. It is the glorious life force. It’s huge and scary-it’s an act of infinite optimism.” -Gilda Radner

“I had a life!” these are the words that I sometimes hear myself say, more often than I even would want to realize. I was a 28 year old single lady living my life, I had an awesome boyfriend who did well for himself, We had our own place with a bunch of crazy and eccentric mix of housemates, I had a great job managing a company where I come and go as I please, I wake up anytime I want, I go anywhere I want anytime I pleased. I was FREE AS A BIRD! Two years fast forward and I find myself at home doing the dishes at 6:00am, I AM NOW A HOUSE MANAGER A.K.A. “THE MOM BOSS”, I stay at home THE WHOLE DAY and do house chores,  I wake up at ungodly hours and have to “soothe” two toddlers from their fit. YES! TWO AWESOME TODDLERS, Hermes and Perseus( You’re reading it right, we named our kids after mythological gods. WHY?! Because we can! 🙂 ), Our daily routine pretty much go around our twins’ schedule, our jobs included! They are our top priority. Our weekends of sleeping in until 11:00 am is over (might resume in the next 5 years to come), the movie dates were replaced with netflix, the dining out and dating for two is exchanged for play dates and grocery shopping. WE ARE ON FULL ADULTING! Motherhood is an act of full optimism, this is not for the weak (I mean seriously, you will loose it from time to time, you just have to hold on tight. Right, go ahead have that glass of wine.)

I would feel like I am so hopeless and alone, how do people deal with this everyday? Having virtual mom friends from mom groups on social media helped me at keeping my sanity. It makes me feel like I’m not walking through this looooooong winding road alone, there are real people out there having the same mom questions that bothers me, the same wife dilemmas and the same mom-ments of just looking googly eyed at our kids whether they are sleeping or just latched on to our boobies getting their liquid gold, thinking to ourselves “I am so blessed, I am at the happiest place I could be.”

Being a mom actually lessens our “me time” you wake up with house chores and end the day not knowing the difference between passing out and falling asleep. Belonging in a mom club has its great advantage of letting me have my 5-minute break, connecting back to the outside world without leaving the comforts of my home. Just a glance on my cellphone screen and I can have people to share my thoughts and knowledge with, having someone I could relate to and even offer “virtual hugs”. I can get REAL NO BS REVIEWS on baby products, home appliances, clothes and even shops. Online shopping is even more fun knowing that you’re not alone in the addiction of “mine-ing” on items and joining group buys for baby products.

Having enter this life altering, roller coaster adventure of a lifetime chapter in a woman’s life is hard and needs a lot of guts. Having a mom club offers us the feeling of belongingness, sheer and pure acceptance and being part of a virtual community of mothers backing each other up, and empowering women.

I would like to express my gratitude to those fellow moms who never get tired of empowering and lifting each other up. Let’s continue to share the love and warmth of friendship!

“Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had… and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed.” -Linda Wooten


Hermes (left) and Perseus (right), 2016
Mr. and Mrs.




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